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The most important question for you to answer is ”Am I in the right place?”


You will get this question answered with a  one-on-one consultation with Dr. Rick followed by a specific and thorough exam. If Chiropractic Care can help you, you will get a specific care-plan and a re-examination to gauge the changes in your health. If Chiropractic Care is not for you, you will get derived to another specialist.

Dr. Rick at Winnetka Family Chiropractic seeks to identify and correct the underlying cause of your problem, instead of simply only treating the symptoms.

Care given is always specific to you and your goals. We understand that doctors themselves do not heal, your body does. Our approach puts your body in the best position to heal by assisting you in leading a healthier and balanced life.


We follow as a fundamental base the principles of health and healing.

  • The body is a self-healing, self-regulating and evolving organism.

  • The nerve system controls and coordinates all of the functions in the body. It is the key to health.

  • Our lifestyle creates interference in the nerve system called Subluxations.

  • The interference in the nervous system - subluxations inhibits the body’s ability to regulate, heal and evolve itself. Limits our ability to live an optimal life.

  • Doctors of Chiropractic are the only doctors educated to detect, adjust and prevent subluxations.    

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