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Our Mission:  To provide continuous, quality chiropracTIC care by dedicated chiropracTORs to underprivileged areasTo enable children´s education through books.

Books for Children 

We believe that education and health are the two most important gifts that any child can receive.  We are committed to providing books and school supplies to children. We are grateful and proud to have sponsored a school in Pinchollo since 2003. Pinchollo is the smallest and most remote village in the Colca Valley.

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SOS Children´s Villages

Providing Chiropractic Care to the children in Arequipa, Peru

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Chiropractic Care and Children

Children benefit immensely from Chiropractic Care.

The nervous system which consists of your brain, spinal cord and nerves control all functions in your body including growth and development. We all have a nervous system and when our nervous system has a  Subluxation ( nerve interference) it causes stress in the system thus decreasing function.

Chiropractic Care boosts your nervous system allowing your body to perform at its best, heal and repair. 

Dr. Rick  helps Children with:​

Ear Infections, colic/reflux, stomach problems, difficulty sleeping, bedwetting, headaches, persistent sore throat and colds, growing pains.


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Subluxation Based Care

We believe that every person needs continuous quality care to get the results that chiroptacTIC can deliver. One adjustment doesn´t do substantial changes in the nervous system. One adjustment doesn´t give us the possibility to reach our full potential. By having the same patients and gradually adding new ones, we can really make a real change in their health. We keep a journal on each patient, we do a proper consultation, report of findings and on-going status check-ups on the same patients. We follow and measure their progress responsibly. This is the only way we can guarantee a change in their nervous system. Our main objective is to provide quality care for the patients We Care.

Outreach Program

Chiropractic without Limits is a 7-day program including a seminar in ChiropracTIC Philosophy plus many hours of adjusting people, mostly children, in need. You will also get basic Spanish lessons that will help you meet and communicate with your patients. City and market tours, accommodation and your meals are also included in this program. 


Trip Leader

My name is Rikard Börjesson and I graduated from Palmer in 1998.  I travel to Peru every year and provide free chiropractic care to many people in need. My main techniques are Gonstead and Tonal Chiropractic. I have been practicing in Sweden for over 20 years and opened up our clinic in Arequipa, Peru in 2010. I belong to the first graduating class of Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers, 2000. I believe in Subluxation Based Care because Chiropractic is needed at all ages and at all stages. Come with me and together we can make a difference in people´s life and yours. 

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