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"Dr Rick is fantastic! I've taken my children (now ages 6 and 2) to him for over a year and am consistently amazed by the results and the ease of working with him. He is always warm and friendly and takes the time to explain things (in an age-appropriate way). My boys actually look forward to their adjustments and my 6 year old says he "feels stronger" every time. I appreciate how easy he makes scheduling and that he handles the insurance billing. And I LOVE the positive impact I've seen in my children's sleep, digestion, balance, coordination, and overall wellness. Neither of my boys has gotten as much as a real cold since starting care with Dr. Rick and I greatly appreciate his role in keeping them strong and healthy!" -Lynnie H.

"Wonderful experience here! I had hip pain from running for a year when I saw Dr. Rick, and I feel better after a month. Would definitely recommend! He is great at explaining what he is doing as well." -Caroline Grant 

"I’ve had an outstanding experience here. I first visited Dr. Rick in July 2018 after my neck and upper back had stiffened severely overnight, rendering me unable to move without significant pain. I had never before been to a chiropractor, but given my situation I was desperate. He was able to help me out of that bind with some light touch adjustments (figuratively and literally), though he didn’t pressure me into doing any sort of intervention that day. He simply offered his observations about what was happening in my neck and then offered a few options about what we could do about it. One of the options was to do nothing. I greatly appreciated his perspective and guidance. Since that day I have continued to visit him periodically. From these visits, which include slight adjustments and coaching and education about back/neck/nervous system health, I have improved posture and better overall spinal health. Dr. Rick has a calm demeanor, positive outlook and attitude. I walk out of his office after every visit feeling better than I did upon entering. If you think you might need to see a chiropractor, but you’re not sure, talk to Dr. Rick." - Eric Wilson


LIFE CHANGER! I'm 74 years old. Have arthritis in both knees. I've gone the typical route... scheduled knee replacement then canceled that idea. Next shots in knees to eliminate pain. Used a walker even around the house...NO MORE. I'm on the road to natural healing! Every treatment I'm feeling better and able to take on tasks I had eliminated due to pain. I feel truly blessed to have found Dr Rick. His treatment is A LIFE CHANGER! - Barbara Kunz


FABULOUS! I have not felt this good in years! Dr. Rik has eliminated my constant headaches and significantly reduced my migraines. My posture has greatly improved, as has my energy level and sleep problems. I actually wake up feeling rested now since I started the adjustments. I'm thrilled Dr. Rik was able to help me with my issues in a holistic way. He is the BEST!!! - Barbra Medina

“I first started seeing Rick due to problems with my periosteum and hip, which limited my ability to run and practice sports. Rick did an amazing job to get me back on track! Not only is he professional and carries a great knowledge within his area of expertise, he is also an amazing and friendly person that genuinely cares about his patients and their well being. Don't hesitate to contact Rick!” – Livio Jaconelli

“Dr. Rick has been my chiropractor over many years, throughout his career. He has helped me recover from herniated discs after the birth of my daughter. It was important to me to avoid surgery, and Dr. Rick helped me heal naturally with chiropractic care. He is an excellent adjuster, helping not only with the herniated discs but also helping me with headaches. I don't know what I would do without him!” – Beth Gylling

“Dr. Rick is an excellent doctor who is dedicated to the health of his patients. Our whole family has been able to maintain good health and quality of life with his care. From post-injury care to ear infections, he has helped us and our children immensely. He takes the time to listen and truly cares about his patients and his practice. Highly recommend!” -Melissa Freidhof Rodgers

“Dr. Rick is a great Chiropractor! He is very thorough and detail oriented. I feel that he really cares and listens to my concerns. I love his adjustments!” – Leif Mårtensson


“I have been treated for many years by Dr. Rick! He gives really excellent, effective and swift treatments! He has really made my back and life so much better! I can really recommend a visit to this clinic.” – Björn Gylling


“I can only agree with everyone else, Dr. Rick is a very professional chiropractor. He has helped me and many of my friends with different problems from sciatica to sports injuries. He gives a safe and specific treatment. I can only give the best recommendations.”- Attlio Jaconelli


“Our family has been seeing Dr. Rick for years. He listens to our ailments, anything from migraines to sports injuries, and talks us through what adjustments need to be made. We consistently receive wonderful treatment from him and every appointment leaves us feeling better.” – Susan Petersen




“Dr. Rick is the best. He has helped me with so many ailments (sciatica, back and neck pain and more). He has taken care of my family for years as well and literally saved my fathers back and got him back to exercising and losing weight. We are forever thankful for his skillful work and care. It shows in his work how passionate he is about what he does, and he does it the best. Cannot recommend him highly enough.” - Gunstein Steinarsson


“Rick has been doing adjustments for my family for the last few years. We have always been so impressed with his knowledge and expertise on how the body functions and his skill in making adjustments. Rick knows how to connect with patients of all ages to determine their needs and how best to address. Not only do we immediately feel better but we also learn something new every time we see Rick. The new practice is a great addition to Winnetka and the Northshore!”- David Riddle

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